Kibo Code Review and Bonus 2020

The Kibo Code Review and Bonus 2020 All the job tasks that are accomplished in a company revolve around wealth, and the ways to obtain it. Therefore, it can be said that every planning task is, in the first place, under what we call "KiboCode"; the primary goal of everything that we accomplish and do in our business Whether we are employees or venture capitalists, it is to obtain profit and accumulate wealth.
But can we accelerate the achievement of this goal? That is, can we make getting profit faster? Or to shorten that period of time between planning for profit and actually obtaining it?
This is exactly what we will try to unveil in the following lines:
The most important customer
Marketing planners, as well as specialists in abstract planning, arrange the company's current customers over and over, depending on the importance they represent for this company, either in terms of the most important or the opposite.
This step is the most important at all, and all the following steps are dependent on it, and are based on it. After that, we have identified the customer, and the source through which we will bring the profit to the company, but, in order for things to become clear more, and to be more accurate, we advise the authors of the book "One Minute Manager" for his authors : Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson; to look further on this list, and to be more precise and specific.
Of course, the clients in this same short list are not of the same importance, and they do not represent the company with the same financial value, and therefore, if we want to achieve profits as quickly as possible, we must focus on the most important ones, and on those through whom we can achieve the greatest amount Of wealth.
Profit planning
The 20/20% rule
There is a rule that says 20% of a company's current clients represent 80% of the profits actually obtained, and that 20% of our daily efforts give us 80% of the results that we actually get.
The Kibo Code rule pushes us in the same direction that we mentioned above (identifying the most important customers), and ordering our daily priorities in a decisive and accurate way so that these efforts are not lost, in vain, and do not bear fruit.
If we can find out exactly where our prey lies, then it will be public only to launch the stock, and to make sure that it will hit the liver of the throw, and as soon as that happens let us make sure that the profits are realized, and we will get it already.
This previous rule also helps us in making less effort, but it is more beneficial and useful, so what is the benefit of targeting customers, for example, who are not interested in the services offered to them or the goods they offer them ?! This is exactly the same as plowing on the wrong ground.
According to this offering, those who follow the 20/80% rule will make less effort, and will be the reason to bring in the highest profit rate for this company that they fall under.